Overall view

Cool Power generator sets offers a wide range of Prime & Standby power ratings suitable for residential, commercial & industrial applications.

Our standard genset includes set mounted heavy duty tropicalised radiator with protection guards rated for up to 45°C air-on temperature.

All our equipment are guaranteed under warranty against manufacturer defects for a period of 12 months or 1500 operating hours from date of initial start-up, or 18 months from date of shipment, whichever is earlier.



Scope of Supply


Optional Supply

  • Type: 4-pole, rotating field
  • Exciter type: Brushless, self exciting
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR):
    Solid state, Volts/Hz
  • Industrial standard, single bearing type
  • Self ventilated, screen protected IP23
  • Voltage regulation +_ 1% at any fixed load
  • Power factor: 0.8 @ 3P4W
  • Re-connectable
  • Two-third pitch
  • Heavy duty steel channel base frame
  • Anti-Vibration mounts supports between
    engine / alternator & base frame
  • All gensets includes set mounted heavy
    duty tropicalised radiator with protection
    guards to cool the engine up to 45°C air-on
  • High capacity lead-acid starting batteries.
  • Heavy duty industrial type silencer &
    stainless steel flexible exhaust bellow.
  • Manual start set mounted control panel
    using ComAp / Deep Sea controller as
    standard or equivalent c/w: voltmeter,
    ammeter, frequency / rpm, hour run
    counter, lub oil pressure gauge water
    temperature gauge & safety shutdown
    protection for low oil pressure, high water
    temperature and engine overspeed.
  • Circuit breaker – GE as standard or
  • Weatherproof / soundproof / super
    soundproof enclosure
  • Mobile trailer
  • Remote radiator cooling
  • Engine / alternator heaters
  • Auto load sharing & synchronizing panel
  • Auto Start / Auto Mains Failure (AMF) / ATS
    control panel
  • PMG alternator excitation
Mitsubishi (400 – 2500KVA)   Cummins Imported (20 - 2500KVA)   Cummins China (20 - 1650KVA)
Perkins (8 – 2500KVA)   Volvo (80 - 700KVA)   John Deere (30 – 500KVA)