• The best of German technology, world's leading manufacturer of high performance power generation engines for the most demanding requirements
  • Empowered by the most advanced high pressure common rail technology and ADEC electronic management system, including the electronic control unit [SAM]
  • Highest fuel efficiency among all industrial diesel engine makers [as low as 189g/kwh]
  • Robust and durable engines, combines unique drive system with its reliability and system competence
  • Compact design with highest quality standards for maximum availability and minimal downtime with ease of maintenance
  • Low life-cycle costs due to low consumption and long maintenance intervals, first overhaul cycle can be at 24000-30000 hours, the world's longest overhaul cycle engine
  • Sophisticated solutions to accommodate every requirement and application among all high rated power generator sets
  • Excellent reliability and the first choice for high power generator set fit for nuclear power, security power supply, data center and critical operation
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